Federico Torrielli

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Welcome to my personal website. My name is Federico Torrielli.
I am a PhD Candidate in Generative Artificial Intelligence at the University of Turin. My research interests lie at the intersection of Natural Language Processing and state-of-the-art Neural Networks, with a particular focus on Large Language Models safety, control and coherence.

Who I Am

In my daily work, I engage with Transformer architectures, Diffusion models, and NLP pipelines to advance the field of NLP research and develop innovative solutions for language understanding and generation. My recent work focuses on AI Safety, Chatbots, and Alignment Theory.


You can check out my personal blog HERE


You can find my publicly-shared works on my GitHub page but I'm going to list some of them just for the sake of not keeping this page blank.

  1. Daily-Reddit-Wallpaper: changes your wallpaper to the most upvoted image of the day from /r/wallpaper or any other subreddit on system startup (🐍)
  2. YAPO (Yet Another Product Ontology): a small ontology for product demonstrations and a script to control it (🐍)
  3. WolframAlphaBot: a telegram bot that queries WolframAlpha and returns results directly in the chat (🐍)
  4. Around Me: my bachelor thesis on a search tool for maps that use ontology-based systems (JS)
  5. PyWordle: an automatic Wordle solver 🐍
  6. TicTacToe Multi-agent System: a multi-agent, infinitely scalable, system where agents compete in tic-tac-toe tournaments. The implementation was made in two different languages: Jade and Jason.
  7. Simple React Annotation Page: a simple (modular) NLP annotation webpage made in React (TS)
  8. Better ChatGPT Telegram Bot: a telegram bot that interacts with Bing AI, similarly to ChatGPT (🐍)

Published Papers

You can find my published papers on my Google Scholar page

My Book - Sembrare ed Essere

In 2017 I wrote a book called "Sembrare ed Essere": it's a big collection of my personal poems and thoughts that shaped my way of thinking the world and what's around me.
You can buy it here (only in Italian).

Philosophy on Minimalism

This website embraces a minimalistic design that reflects my belief in simplicity, efficiency, and accessibility. The internet should be a place where information is easy to find, read, and navigate, without being cluttered by excessive visual elements or advertisements. As developers and researchers, we have a responsibility to create online experiences that prioritize the needs of a diverse range of users and focus on the effective organization and presentation of data.

Want to contact me?

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